New Overwatch Experimental Mode buffs Junkrat and nerfs Moira

new Overwatch Experimental Mode has been launched, mixing things up with some more balance changes to be tested by players. This new Overwatch update includes Junkrat buffs, a couple of Moira nerfs, and changes to four other heroes!

If you’re unfamiliar with “Experimental Mode”, it’s a special card that’s occasionally available on the Overwatch menu. This card features changes to the game that Blizzard Entertainment isn’t too sure about and pretty much everyone has a chance to check them out. Best of all, it’s not limited to PC players like the PTR is!

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One of the big highlights in the new Overwatch Experimental Mode is a series of five buffs to Junkrat and three nerfs to Moira. Junkrat is getting some improvements across the board and Moira’s oft-annoying Biotic Orb is getting a couple of downgrades.

What are the Junkrat buffs?

  • Frag Launcher Projectiles maintains slightly more velocity on ricochet
  • Concussion Mine Projectile speed increased from 20 to 25
  • Concussion Mine Ricochet distance off of enemy players greatly reduced
  • Total Mayhem Bomb detonation time reduced from 1 sec to 0.7
  • Total Mayhem Bombs spread increased 50%

What are the Moira nerfs?

  • Biotic Orb Damage radius reduced from 5 to 4 meters
  • Biotic Orb duration reduced from 10 to 7 seconds

It should be noted that Moira is also getting one buff; the Biotic Orb speed is being increased from 16 to 20.

new Overwatch Experiemental Mode Mercy

Several other Hero changes are coming in this new Overwatch Experimental Mode. Bastion is facing some changes to its Sentry gun spread and Self-Repair, but some of the most significant changes may be coming to healers.

Ana’s Biotic Rifle is being adjusted yet again with her healing being reduced from 75 to 70 per shot. Mercy, meanwhile, is having her Healing per second increased from 50 to 55. Finally, it will be a little easier to fight back with Zenyatta now that his Orb of Discord does 5% more damage amplification.

You can check out the new Overwatch Experimental Mode by selecting the associated card on the game’s Play Menu. Don’t miss out, though — these Experimental Modes are usually only around for a very limited time!