Rainbow Six Siege Ace and Melusi Release Date | Abilities, Gadgets

Thanks to a leak, the two new Rainbow Six Siege Y5 S2 operators have been revealed: Ace and Melusi. In this guide, we’ll let you in on when the Rainbow Six Siege Ace release date and Rainbow Six Siege Melusi release date could be. Read on, too, to discover what the Ace and Melusi Gadgets and Abilities might be. This is your one-stop-shop for everything about the two leaked new Operators in the game.

Rainbow Six Siege Ace and Melusi Release Date

Rainbow Six Siege Ace

Both of the new Operators will release alongside Rainbow Six Siege Y5 S2. Unfortunately, as of writing, we currently don’t know when the new Season will release. Rumors have told us to expect the Rainbow Six Siege Y5 S2 release date to be potentially June 9, 2020. This is when the Test Server trials of the new Season (Steel Wave) should come to an end and when the game should update for everyone else. To be on the safe side, though, we’re simply predicting the Rainbow Six Siege Ace and Melusi release date to be sometime in June 2020, hopefully, sooner rather than later.

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What are the Rainbow Six Siege Ace and Melusi Gadgets and Abilities?

Based on a leaked teaser trailer for both Ace and Melusi, we can gather that the two new Operators’ Gadgets and Abilities could be the following:

  • Ace:
    • Able to destroy steel beams
      • This should create new opportunities on various different maps for new hatches and rotation
    • S.E.L.M.A. launcher:
      • Powerful breaching launcher, potentially to do with breaking steel
  • Melusi:
    • New type of barbed wire alternative used to slow enemies down
    • Potentially able to mark enemy gadgets through cameras
    • This could be the “Banshee” placeable pyramid device

As of writing, little-to-nothing is known about either of the new Operators aside from their names and design based on a leaked teaser trailer. We’ll update this guide with the correct information when it becomes available.