PlayStation Store CE-42739-5 | Restore License Error

Every now and then, the PlayStation Store does something unexpected. One of the more alarming problems is the CE-42739-5 error, which seems to make any or all purchased games disappear from your PS4. What’s worse, restore license attempts tend to fail, offering a vague warning stating that an error has occurred. What does CE-42739-5 mean, and what can you do to fix it? Fortunately, the solution is simple.

PlayStation Store CE-42739-5 Error | How to fix

PlayStation Store CE-42739-5 error restore license

The PlayStation Store CE-42739-5 error occurs during server outages. In a nutshell, the PlayStation 4 can’t connect to servers to verify game ownership, which is why restore license attempts fail. Don’t worry, your games are still safe and sound.

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Yes, it’s frustrating when your PS4 seems to lose access to its games. And the entirely unhelpful “an error has occurred” warning doesn’t help, either. However, this is a relatively common problem that most often appears during unplanned server outages. It’s simply coincidence that it has a tendency to appear around the times when players buy or attempt to install games.

Don’t fret. All of your games are still tied to your account, and even recent purchases will be reflected when the servers are back online. That is, of course, assuming that the purchase actually went through before PSN servers went offline.

If the CE-42739-5 error appears out of the blue, it’s worth checking out websites such as DownDetector to see if PlayStation Network services are online and operational. In fact, it’s worth checking on server status any time the PlayStation Store seems to be malfunctioning. If there’s a spike in user reports, you can safely assume that the problem comes down to server outages.

The PlayStation CE-42739-5 error may sound like a complicated problem, but it has a very simple solution. Your game licenses will be restored once the PlayStation servers are back up and running.