Are Crucible PS4 and Xbox One versions coming?

Amazon Games’ Crucible is set to launch on Steam for PC this week, which has console players wondering when it might be their turn to try the free-to-play shooter. With a focus on colorful characters and PvP combat, Crucible PS4 and Crucible Xbox One versions likely wouldn’t go amiss. Is it scheduled to happen, though? Keep scrolling through this guide to find out if there’s any planned Crucible console release date.

Is Crucible coming to PS4?

Crucible PS4

At the time of writing, Amazon and Relentless Studios’ team-based hero shooter isn’t scheduled to release on PlayStation 4. In the absence of an official announcement, there’s obviously no Crucible PS4 release date for us to share.

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While you can’t rule out a Crucible console port, whether it makes the jump or not will likely depend on whether or not it can find success on PC. Crucible is entering a crowded genre, though, provided it can carve out its own niche, similar games like Overwatch have found success on PlayStation 4. Keeping that in mind, there’s no reason that we should assume the possibility is off the cards moving forward.

Is Crucible coming to Xbox One?

Crucible Xbox One

As with the PS4 version, no plans for a port to Microsoft’s Xbox console have been shared. As follows, there isn’t any Crucible Xbox One release date at this point in time.

With free-to-play PvP shooters arguably being a staple of Xbox One gaming, if Crucible does well on PC, it’s definitely possible that it’ll transition to Xbox. Publisher Amazon Game Studios might be relatively new, but it does have prior console experience from co-developing and publishing The Grand Tour Game in 2019. Although Crucible is a more ambitious project, again, an eventual console release can’t be ruled out at this early stage.