Is there a Crucible Nintendo Switch release date?

The Amazon Game Studio and Relentless Studios free-to-play team-based online shooter is releasing on PC on May 20, 2020, but is there a Crucible Nintendo Switch release date? Read on to find out if there will ever be a Crucible Switch release date or port. We’ll run through how likely it is that the online multiplayer shooter will come to Nintendo’s hybrid console both soon and in the future. Discover if there will be a Crucible Switch version or not below.

Is there a Crucible Nintendo Switch release date?

Crucible Nintendo Switch release date

As of writing, there is no Crucible Nintendo Switch release date. The game is releasing on PC on May 20, 2020, and there has been no word on any console version, let alone a Switch port. For now, the only way to play Crucible is on the PC, via Steam. Who knows what the future holds, though? We could potentially see the game release on Switch at some point.

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It all likely depends on how well Crucible performs. We mean this in terms of both money-making and how well it would run on the Switch. As everyone knows, the Switch isn’t as powerful as its peers. No doubt, Crucible would require a good amount of work to get it running on the Switch at solid levels. Other developers have done it with similar titles such as Fortnite, Overwatch, and Warframe, but all three of these games had already proven popular on other platforms at the time of release.

A lot of whether Crucible releases on the Switch, is based on how many people are playing the game, and how much money it makes the publisher. Time will tell on this, but, as of writing, it currently seems unlikely. We’d be surprised to see a future Crucible Nintendo Switch release date, but not totally shocked. File this under “unlikely” for now.