Crucible Fatal Error | Is there a login timeout fix?

If you’ve been trying to play the game since it launched on May 20, but haven’t been able to log in to it, you likely will have seen the Crucible fatal error message. In this guide, we’re here to let you know if there is a fix for the issue or not. Read on for a Crucible login timeout fix that should get you onto playing Amazon Games’ and Relentless Studios’ foray into the team-based shooter genre.

Crucible Fatal Error | Is there a login timeout fix?

Crucible fatal error

Unfortunately, the only Crucible fatal error fix right now is to quit the game and try again. There’s nothing else you can do other than try to log in to Crucible again. Yes, we know this might end up with you trying, again and again, to log in to the new game, but that’s the rub. It appears as though Crucible is simply facing the now-standard opening night blues when it comes to online games. It’s more than likely that its servers have been overloaded by an immediate influx of new players. This happens to a good number of games and is nothing new.

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If you cannot log in to Crucible and keep receiving the “Crucible timed out trying to log you in’ error message, no matter how many times you quit the game and try again, we’d recommend you leave it a couple of hours before trying again, at least. If you still can’t get in, you’re going to have to wait for the problem to be fixed.

Fortunately, the official Crucible Twitter account seems to be reliable enough in telling you when things are going wrong and updating when the game should be in working order again. Hopefully, though, after trying to log in again, you should get onto Crucible. Remember, it can be worth waiting a while (an hour or two) before you try to log in again. The issue might have been resolved by then.