Is there a Serious Sam 4 Nintendo Switch release date?

Serious Sam 4 recently reemerged after temporarily disappearing from the public consciousness, dropping its divisive “Planet Badass” subtitle in the process. The old-school shooter is headed to PC and Google Stadia initially, with a Stadia exclusivity deal preventing it from reaching PS4 and Xbox One until 2021. Since that’s a little way off, is there any chance that we’ll get a Serious Sam 4 Nintendo Switch version as well?

Is Serious Sam 4 coming to Nintendo Switch?

Serious Sam 4 Nintendo Switch

Currently, no Serious Sam 4 Switch port has been announced by either Devolver Digital or Croteam. Due to that fact, there’s no Serious Sam 4 Nintendo Switch release date for us to share at this time.

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Despite that seemingly bleak outlook, there is at least a chance that Serious Sam 4 will get a Nintendo Switch version eventually. Last year, developer Croteam was looking to fill a C++ Programmer role within the studio. The person chosen for this job would work on Serious Sam 4 and also develop “tools and tech” for platforms including the Nintendo Switch.

There seems to be an obvious connection to draw there, but the listing does also mention mobile platforms — which Serious Sam 4 isn’t coming to — and the requirement to collaborate on other game projects. Taking those caveats into account, it’s equally possible that no Switch version of Serious Sam 4 was ever planned.

Still, the unexpected delay to a 2021 launch for the confirmed console versions could fall in Switch fans’ favor. Assuming that the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be finished in advance of their release — they initially appeared to be launching alongside the PC version, after all —  there could be time for Croteam to experiment with a port to Nintendo’s hybrid handheld.

Whether or not we’ll get a Serious Sam 4 Nintendo Switch release remains to be seen, though stick with Game Revolution for updates.