Canceled Half-Life project footage teased for new Arkane documentary

Half-Life has been an odd franchise, given the big gaps between releases. And Valve has not been the only studio to contribute to this either. Arkane Studios, the team behind Dishonored, was once working on its own series called Return to Ravenholm which might have also been known as Half-Life 2 Episode 4, but it was canned. However, an upcoming documentary is teasing a look at that ill-fated entry.

This tease comes courtesy of Noclip, a video game documentary team. Noclip has been giving short glimpses of what it’s going to cover in its series on developer Arkane and one recent tweet showed the Half-Life game in question. No other context was given, but since Arkane was at once working on a Half-Life title, it’ll likely be a look at that game. The documentary is going live on May 26 and while it won’t show anything Arkane is currently working on (like Deathloop), it will delve into that developer’s past.

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Return to Ravenholm was allegedly canceled in 2007 and was might have been a code name for Episode 4. However, there is a lot of conflicting information on whether Episode 4 was a code name or a separate project. Marc Laidlaw, one of the series’ most prominent writers, stated that Return to Ravenholm was a thing, but not Episode 4. The timelines overlap so it isn’t as likely that these are two different games. Given all the confusion, hopefully Arkane can set the record straight next week.