E3 2019 | Deathloop is Dishonored developer Arkane’s latest game

Deathloop has been announced at E3 2019, with Dishonored developer Arkane Studios unveiling its stylish brand new game during the Bethesda E3 event. The game takes its cues from an unlikely source, with it featuring a plot similar to Groundhog Day by way of getting its protagonists to live out the same day repeatedly.

Judging by the trailer, Deathloop‘s two lead characters repeatedly tangle with one another in an effort to both maintain/break the cycle, depending on their perspective. The game appears to be set in a desolate world similar to that of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, albeit with a cyberpunk, retrofuturistic vibe.

Deathloop will take players to the lawless island of Blackreef, in which they’ll be thrust into the center of an eternal struggle between two assassins. Players will be able to hunt targets from all over the island, as they attempt to put an end to the assassins’ cycle of death and murder once and for all.

The trailer blended violent gunplay with supernatural moves, showing players able to take down enemies with telekinetic abilities. It’s unclear exactly how Deathloop will play, though it appears to be all-out action rather than being similar to Dishonored and its stealthier approach.

Deathloop was one of two major new IPs announced during the Bethesda conference. Ghostwire Tokyo was also revealed, a supernatural action-adventure game developed by the Japanese studio Tango Gameworks. Fallout 76Elder Scrolls Online, and Doom Eternal were also given the spotlight during the event, with Bethesda providing an impressive line-up of games and updates during its presentation.

There’s no word on a Deathloop release date at the time of this writing, with its reveal trailer also not featuring any gameplay, instead focusing on a cinematic representation of what players can expect.

Watch the debut trailer for Deathloop below: