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Dead by Daylight PTB Patch Notes | Update 4.0.0

The next update has arrived for the Dead by Daylight player test build. PTB update 4.0.0 is a major release that adds new content and offers both bug fixes and balance adjustments. This update notably adds a new Killer, Survivor, and map to the PTB. It also includes new Sets as well as the Legendary rarity for customizations. Check out everything that’s been changed with the latest Dead by Daylight PTB patch notes released on May 26, 2020.

Dead by Daylight | PTB Patch Notes 4.0.0

dead by daylight ptb patch notes update 4.0.0

Given the numbered release of update 4.0.0, there is plenty to sort through with the latest Dead by Daylight PTB patch notes. This update adds in the Killer known as The Executioner as well as Survivor Cheryl Mason, the Midwich Elementary School map, and a host of user interface changes.

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Aside from the new Killer, Survivor, and map, this update notably adds Sets. These appear as two or more Customization pieces that can be equipped together for various effects. Toward that point, there are also new Legendary Customizations, which rank even higher than the previous highest rarity tier.

PTB update 4.0.0 also adds in a new option that allows players to sort their Customization inventories. Now, the inventory can be sorted by the item’s name, rarity, or the outfit for which it’s grouped. 4.0.0 also introduces a new scaling option to better suit 4K-enabled displays.

Beyond new content, this latest PTB patch also includes bug fixes and balance adjustment. On the latter front, the only major change is that the Clown is no longer slowed when throwing bottles. For the full scoop on bug fixes, check out the complete Dead by Daylight PTB patch notes for update 4.0.0 featured below.

Features & Content

  • Added Sets (2 or more linked Customization pieces that are always equipped together)
  • Added a new Rarity for Customizations – Legendary.
  • Added A New Killer – The Executioner
  • Added a New Survivor – Cheryl Mason
  • Added a New Map – Midwich Elementary School
  • Added the ability to sort a character’s Customization Inventory by rarity, outfit, or item name.
  • Adjusted the user interface layout scaling to better accommodate 4k resolution screens.


  • Clown: No longer slowed when throwing bottles.

Bug Fixes

  • Dead Dawg Saloon: Fixed an area where Killers couldn’t follow Survivors. between a wall and a Cactus.
  • Haddonfield: Fixed a missing collision in the street that could cause users to fall out of world.
  • Torment Creek: Fixed a superfluous collision preventing the users from getting up the basement stair when hugging the left wall in the Silo.
  • The Nightmare: Fixed the interrupt animation.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed black bars under the Survivors’ names in lobbies.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Doctor’s Static Blast to not be translated in other languages.
  • The Ghost Face: Fixed an issue that could cause the Reveal to not work.
  • Treatment Theatre: Fixed an invisible collision that prevented projectiles from going through.
  • The Clown: Fixed an issue that caused the bottles to disappear a moment early after reloading.
  • The Shape: Fixed an issue that caused the Shape’s Evil Within extending add-ons to only increase the required stalking amount on the first activation of Evil Within III.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the perk For The People to activate when performing a heal skillcheck if it is bound to the same key as the skillcheck action.
  • The Deathsligner: Fixed the German description for the Deathslinger achievements.
  • Mount Ormond Resort: Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to get stuck between a Jigsaw Box and a hill.
  • Treatment Theatre: Fixed an issue that allowed Survivors to land on top of a desk once they sprint vaulted a window on the second floor.
  • Treatment Theatre: Fixed a specific totem that was unable to be cleansed.
  • Distortion Perk: Edited the description of the perk to better reflect it’s effect.
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to be stuck when hooking or unhooking a Survivor.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Female Survivors to not scream when transitioning to the struggle phase on hook.
  • The Wraith: Fixed an issue that caused the uncloak animation to not cancel when canceling the uncloak action.
  • The Nightmare: Fixed an issue that caused the top part of the power description tooltip to be slightly cut off in windowed mode.
  • Yui Kimura: Fixed an issue that caused Yui to briefly apeear cross-eyed during her idle animation.


  • The Clown: Fixed an issue that caused the Clown’s tailcoat cosmetics to clip into his right calf.
  • Yui Kimura’s Sakura Happi: fixed clipping issues with the sleeves.
  • Zarina Kassir’s Draped Cardigan: Fixed clipping issues with the sleeves and neck
  • The Doctor’s Dr. Vivisection: Fixed a visible gap between the neck and shirt.
  • Nea Karlson’s Summit Jacket: Fixed clipping issues on the neck
  • David King’s Hard Headlights: Fixed visible seams during various actions.
  • Feng Min’s Mad World: Fixed a visible hole on the sleeve of the Torso.