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Is there a Minecraft Dungeons Xbox 360 release date?

Minecraft Dungeons finally brings a dedicated campaign to the freeform building franchise. That might just be exciting enough to bring some retired crafters out of retirement and have them dust off their trusty old Xbox 360 consoles. Well, provided that there’s any support for the aging platform that helped Minecraft to achieve mass recognition. If you’re wondering whether or not there’s a Minecraft Dungeons Xbox 360 version, stick with us to find out.

Is Minecraft Dungeons coming to Xbox 360?

Minecraft Dungeons Xbox 360


Unfortunately, there is no Minecraft Dungeons Xbox 360 port. Xbox manufacturer Microsoft hasn’t announced any plans to bring the Minecraft ARPG to 360, which means there’s no Minecraft Dungeons Xbox 360 release date for us to share.

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It’s unlikely — though not impossible — that Minecraft Dungeons will ever release on Xbox 360. The game is out for Xbox One and Windows 10, which are the two current platforms that Microsoft is focused on releasing games for. It’s also worth taking into account that next-gen Xbox Series X hardware is scheduled to release this holiday; that nudges Xbox 360 even further down the food chain.

While Minecraft Dungeons is unlikely to hit Xbox 360, the title isn’t exclusive to Microsoft platforms. Although Minecraft is an Xbox Game Studios series, Dungeons is also available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. If you can’t play the game via Microsoft’s Xbox One or Windows 10 platforms, hopefully, you can enjoy it via one of these other formats.

With Minecraft Dungeons‘ intentionally basic visuals and ability to run on Switch, an Xbox 360 version could potentially be feasible. Despite the technology possibly being there, it’s not likely to happen as the allocation of resources just wouldn’t be worthwhile. The Xbox 360 is an old platform with a waning player base, so there almost certainly wouldn’t be the audience there to recoup development costs.