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How to unlock Minecraft Dungeons DLC skins

Minecraft Dungeons is out now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Although you can’t create and customize your character like in Minecraft proper, Mojang’s ARPG does feature tons of different character skins. While scrolling through the list you might’ve noticed that six skins at the bottom are locked and labeled as DLC. If you’re wondering how to download these Minecraft Dungeons DLC skins, then you’re in the right place.

How to get the Minecraft Dungeons DLC skins

Minecraft Dungeons DLC skins


As previously mentioned, there are six DLC skins listed in Minecraft Dungeons. Two of these skins are currently available, whereas the remaining four haven’t yet been released. The currently available skins are a hooded, red-eyed rogue and an old male adventurer — you can get a look at both in this guide’s images. To unlock these Minecraft Dungeons DLC skins, you’ll need to buy the Hero Edition or purchase the Hero Pass DLC.

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Currently, no details have been provided on how to unlock the remaining four skins. It’s possible that they could be free or premium DLC, and that they could be released individually or as part of a bundle. Since Dungeons has two confirmed expansions to come, we’d speculate that a couple of skins will most likely accompany each of the upcoming DLC packs. If that’s accurate, then the four remaining skins will also be available via the Hero Pass, just at a later date.

It’s difficult to make out exactly what form the locked skins will take at this stage, though, if you look closely, it appears that we might be getting a barbarian-style man and woman. The man has a big beard and the woman seems to feature war paint on her face, while both look to be dressed in the appropriate attire.

We’ll only know for sure when they eventually come out, so stick with Game Revolution for more on Minecraft Dungeons DLC skins.