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When is the Saints Row 3 Remastered Steam release date?

Some remasters take years of fan campaigning before they finally come to fruition, while others pop up seemingly out of the blue. Saints Row 3 Remastered is one of the latter cases, though gamers have nonetheless been pleased to get their fix of insanity. Well, everyone except PC players that want to play via Steam. Since the PC version of Saints Row: The Third Remastered is exclusive to the Epic Games Store (EGS) right now, should we expect a Saints Row 3 Remastered Steam release date to be announced?

Is Saints Row 3 Remastered coming to Steam?

Saints Row 3 Remastered Steam

Thankfully, Saints Row 3 Remastered is definitely making its way to Steam. The news was confirmed by the official Saints Row Twitter account, which stated that Saints Row: The Third Remastered is “coming to Steam in 2021” in response to a fan. Nothing more specific than a 2021 release window was announced, though the Saints Row 3 Remastered Steam release date is likely to be on or shortly after May 22 next year.

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While it’s possible that the title could launch sooner, typically, EGS exclusivity deals last for a full year. Since SR3 Remastered hit the Epic Games Store on May 22, 2020, that’d indicate a Steam release on or after the aforementioned estimate of May 22, 2021.

Although it’s frustrating for Steam devotees, many developers and publishers see EGS as a better value proposition than Valve’s competing PC storefront. Game manufacturers get a significantly higher revenue split of sales made on the Epic Games Store, along with guaranteed payouts for taking exclusivity deals. On the flip side, it’s also easy to see how feeling pressured to make the switch could prove frustrating for users that have spent years bolstering a strong library and profile on Steam.

Stick with Game Revolution for updates regarding a more specific Saints Row: The Third Remastered Steam release date. For now, all we know for sure is that it’s scheduled for 2021.