Is there a Warface: Breakout Nintendo Switch release date?

Warface: Breakout is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, though the tactical shooter has so far neglected PC and Switch. With the game seemingly leaning towards consoles, is there a Warface: Breakout Nintendo Switch version on the way? Stick with this guide for everything you need to know.

Is Warface: Breakout coming to Nintendo Switch?

Warface: Breakout Nintendo Switch

Currently, no plans have been announced regarding a Warface: Breakout Switch port. Since the game most likely isn’t in development for the hybrid handheld, there’s no Warface: Breakout Nintendo Switch release date for us to share at this time.

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Crytek’s Warface property has had a bit of a rocky history, so it isn’t all that surprising that Warface: Breakout is playing it somewhat safe. MY.GAMES’ tactical spin-off is trying to tap into the Counter-Strike market on consoles, knowing that there isn’t as much competition in the space as there is on PC. If that’s the main goal then a Switch version would also be applicable, but whether there’s a true appetite for it on the platforms is less clear.

A Warface: Breakout Nintendo Switch port wouldn’t encounter much competition, but might not find success regardless. It’s arguably not the kind of game many would want to play handheld — or necessarily could conveniently, requiring Wi-Fi for online multiplayer — and even in docked mode, the Switch isn’t typically where people turn for competitive FPS gameplay. Not to mention the rigmarole of engaging in voice chat with your teammates.

That said, Overwatch has attracted an audience on the latest Nintendo console so it is possible. Whether or not we get a Warface: Breakout Nintendo Switch release will most likely depend on how well the game performs on PS4 and Xbox One. If the title is a hit and a Switch port makes business sense, it could happen — stranger things certainly have.