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Escape from Tarkov Error 260 | Servers Temporarily Unavailable

It’s not always easy being an Escape from Tarkov fan. Sometimes the game glitches or crashes; other times it won’t load, or simply refuses to connect. In the case of error 260, it seems as if the game can’t even contact the servers. What does Escape from Tarkov error 260 mean, and what should you do when you find the servers temporarily unavailable? Read on to find out.

Escape from Tarkov | Error 260 Servers Temporarily Unavailable

Escape from Tarkov error 260 servers temporarily unavailable

Escape from Tarkov error 260 appears when the game client cannot reach the game’s servers. That’s why the message says “servers temporarily unavailable.” Most of the time, error 260 appears during unplanned server outages.

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Error 260 is very closely tied with error 213. In fact, both errors tend to appear around the same time and under the same circumstances. As you may expect, both of these errors show up when servers go down.

Fortunately, neither error 260 nor error 213 correspond to any problem with the game client itself. Breathe easy: There’s probably nothing wrong with your PC. These errors both correspond to server-side network issues, and they tend to appear when an update to Escape from Tarkov is being deployed.

As such, there’s nothing you need to do to fix error 260. You’ll be able to reconnect to the game once the game’s servers have stabilized. However, if you suspect that your game software or home network is causing the issue, it’s worth checking on the current server status. Websites like DownDetector can help you rule out any local issues, and the Battlestate Games Twitter account will keep you up-to-date on any planned server maintenance.

If you run into Escape from Tarkov error 260, don’t fret. The servers are temporarily unavailable, either for maintenance or due to an unplanned outage. You should be able to reconnect to the game as soon as the servers come back online.