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Valorant Agent 11 | Who is the final character?

The developers behind Valorant originally planned to release the game with 12 different Agents. However, that plan eventually fell through. Now there will be 11 characters upon release, and fans just got their look at the last remaining Agent. This is Valorant’s final character reveal before the game launches, but there’s still plenty we don’t yet know about Agent 11.

Valorant Agent 11 | Who is Agent 11?

valorant agent 11 who is final character vampire

Only a few details are currently known about Agent 11 in Valorant. She’s decked out in purple, including purple clothing, hair, and eyes. She’s also seen sporting an automatic rifle. Finally, though her abilities are still a mystery, data miners have uncovered clues suggesting that Agent 11 is a sort of vampire utilizing “soul-sucking” powers.

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Again, no official mention of Agent 11’s name or special powers have yet been made. However, the Brazilian Valorant Twitter account recently posted the following teaser video, giving fans their first glimpse of the game’s final character. Since her appearance in the video is quite dark, the artwork featured above has been pulled from the teaser and ran through filters to adjust for color and contrast.

Beyond how she looks, not much else has been confirmed. However, fans have been pretty diligent when poking through the game’s data. In there they’ve found references to an unreleased Agent who apparently goes by the development name Vampire. Her play style is referenced in a voice audio file for Cypher, who says, “Remember, she can only suck out our souls after we die.”

Considering this information, some fans have been referring to Agent 11 simply as Vampire. One theory suggests that her “soul-sucking powers” point to her playing as something of a healer. With that said, whether she can only heal herself or can also heal teammates remains to be seen.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait much longer to hear more about Agent 11 in Valorant. The game’s closed beta ended earlier this morning, and the game will finally release for PC on June 2. When it does, Agent 11 will be on the roster along with a new map and an all-new game mode.