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Can you download Valorant on Steam?

Riot Games’ competitive 5v5 shooter Valorant is out now on PC. The game’s closed beta took the world by storm, so, now that there are no restrictions on the final release version, players are eager to go hands-on. Is it possible to do so by downloading Valorant from Valve’s popular PC storefront, though? Can you download Valorant on Steam? Stick with this guide for the answer to those questions.

Is Valorant available on Steam?

Can you download Valorant on Steam?

Sadly, Valorant is not available to download via Steam on PC. Riot Games’ competitive FPS is only available as a proprietary download from the official Valorant website, much like other titles in the Riot stable. The developer hasn’t announced any plans to bring Valorant to Steam at this point in time.

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Although it isn’t impossible, we don’t really rate the chances of a Valorant Steam release. Riot titles like MOBA League of Legends and CCG Legends of Runeterra haven’t budged on offering exclusive clients, neglecting to transition to offering downloads on Steam and other digital PC storefronts. Unless Valorant struggles to gain traction — and it definitely hasn’t so far — there’s nothing to suggest it might break the trend.

If anything, rather than Valorant popping up on the likes of Steam or the Epic Games Store, now that Riot is branching out we might see the developer release its own launcher. It’s becoming increasingly commonplace on PC; the practice effectively cuts out the middle man and allows developers to enjoy 100% of the profits from sales.

Can you download Valorant on Steam?

  • No, Valorant isn’t available for download via Steam.
  • You can download Valorant from the game’s website.

While that’s the case at the time of writing, stranger things have happened in the video games industry than Valorant hitting Steam. Stick with us for any potential updates on a Valorant Steam release date if and when they’re called for.