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How to fix Valorant connection issues

If you’re trying to play the new online team-based shooter, you may well have encountered annoying Valorant connection issues. In this guide, with some general fixes, we’ll hopefully let you in on how to fix Valorant connection issues and get back into the game. Read on to find out how to sort out connection issues in Valorant and get back to playing the online shooter.

How to fix Valorant connection issues

Valorant connection issues

First off, we know it’s an annoying suggestion, but do make sure your internet connection is in working condition. It’s always good to confirm that your internet is working. Sometimes the connection can simply go wrong or disappear for a minute or two. Reset your router if having problems. If this doesn’t work, you’re going to have to wait and try again later. You could be encountering Valorant connection issues for a number of reasons.

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There could well be connection issues in Valorant because the game’s servers are down for maintenance. Read through our guide on Valorant server issues to find out how to check for the game’s server status. If you do have connection issues in Valorant and are unable to play the game or even log in, it’s more than likely that server issues are causing the problem. Unfortunately, if the servers are down for maintenance or any other reason, there’s nothing you can do but wait. It’s more than likely that you’re simply going to have to wait and try again later to play Valorant if it’s suffering from connection issues.

Use this checklist of general fixes to try and get back into Valorant if suffering from connection issues:

  • Reset your router
  • Exit the game and try again
  • Reset your PC and try again
  • Wait for server maintenance or issues to end
    • Check up on relevant social media channels for server information
  • Make sure your game is fully up-to-date
    • If not, install the update

Hopefully, whatever is causing the connection issues in Valorant, you’re able to get back onto the game sooner rather than later.