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Valorant Error Code 59 Fix | ‘There was an error connecting to the platform’

What is the Valorant Error Code 59 fix? If you’ve been troubled by this Error Code while playing Valorant, this ambiguous message isn’t too helpful for actually solving your problem. We’ve got a handle on what you need to do to get back to your gaming!

There are dozens of error codes in Valorant, each of which represents something that has gone wrong with the game. These codes range from problems like having your account logged in elsewhere to more serious problems like issues with your Riot client or the Vanguard anti-cheat system.

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Unfortunately, you’re not going to find the Valorant Error Code 59 fix in the list of error codes on the game’s official website, leaving a mystery for players who are experiencing this code. Thankfully, we’ve discovered what Error Code 59 probably means — and what you have to do to fix it.

Valorant Error Code 59 Fix | How do I fix Valorant Error Code 59?

Valorant Error Code 59 Fix There was an error connecting to the platform fire

The list of Valorant Error Codes on launch day only goes up to 54, which makes Error Code 59 particularly troubling. This is the only message that players see, so they don’t know what’s going on.

A number of Redditors have been investigating the code and trying to figure out what it means. Here’s what’s been tried as a fix so far:

  • Restarting your computer
  • Re-installing the game

Some players are reporting that a simple restart of their system fixes the problems, but others are saying that this same fix doesn’t work for them, so it’s likely not an issue with your computer.

Judging by the game’s intense popularity at launch, it seems that Error Code 59 is an unlisted code which represents server downtime. As the Valorant servers are down, you can’t actually connect to the game at all. This means that the Valorant Error Code 59 fix is a tough one: you’re going to have to wait for the servers to come back up.

For now, we can hope that Riot Games updates its list of Error Codes so that it’s easier to understand what this is. Until then, the only thing you can really do is wait for Riot Games to fix the problem on its end.