Call of Duty’s Captain Price can now leave you a custom callout… for a price

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 start date is right around the corner. And to help promote it, players can now use Cameo to get a custom recording from Season 4’s star: Captain Price. Just be prepared to pay a pretty hefty price for such a message as bookings are now $141. However, a portion of that fee will be given to Call of Duty Endowment which helps veterans find work.

The booking page shows a few examples of some of the messages. In it, you can see an actor, who is most likely Barry Sloane (Price’s most recent voice actor and facial model), in front of a green screen talking for about 30 seconds. You can probably get him to just get a close of his mustache even if the video quality isn’t fantastic. But if you do want one of these custom videos, you might need to act relatively quickly because quantities are limited.

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The aforementioned Modern Warfare Season 4 trailer dropped on May 27 and Captain Price was at the center of it. We don’t know much about the season, but details should will next week.