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Is there a Valorant Battle Pass not working bug fix?

The launch of the game has not gone without standard hiccups, but the Valorant Battle Pass not working bug is one of its more annoying issues. Read on in this guide to discover the answer to “is there a Valorant Battle Pass not working bug fix?” Find out below if there is a fix on the way to the Battle Pass not working in Valorant error and whether there is anything you can do to begin unlocking your missing rewards or not.

Is there a Valorant Battle Pass not working bug fix?

Valorant Battle Pass not working

There’s nothing you can do to fix your Valorant Battle Pass. It appears to be a bug that only Riot Games can fix. Thankfully, a fix has already been implemented, with missing Valorant Battle Pass rewards slowly on the way to those affected by the bug. You should start receiving your missing rewards in due time. If not, you will need to wait for further instructions and messages from Riot Games.

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The official Valorant Twitter account tweeted out that it is “aware of issues with players not being able to earn rewards from the Battlepass.” It is stated, too, that Riot Games has “fixed this moving forward for everywhere but APAC” (Asia-Pacific). Because the fix is in place, however, it doesn’t mean you will have received your rewards right away. The same tweet explains that Riot Games is next moving on “to getting you back what you should have earned by now.”

It may take some time before you start seeing the rewards you should have already earned added to your account. These are being rolled out retroactively to all those affected by the bug. Hopefully, in an update that appears sooner rather than later, this bug is squashed for good. Whatever you should have earned through the Valorant Battle Pass by now, though, should receive at some point soon. The Act 1 Battle Pass is only meant to last around two months, after all.