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What happened at the Destiny 2 Almighty live event?

The Almighty live event in Destiny 2 has just reached its conclusion. Throughout the Season of the Worthy, fans have been watching as the Red Legion’s warship the Almighty closed in on Earth. They were tasked with completing Seraph Public tower events, and many believed their efforts would result in the starship’s destruction. What happened at the Destiny 2 Almighty live event’s conclusion? Read on to find out.

Destiny 2 | What happened at the Almighty live event?

destiny 2 what happened at almighty live event rasputin crash

One of the main activities during Destiny 2‘s Season of the Worthy involved Seraph Tower public events. These were meant to help restore the strength of Rasputin, a powerful supercomputer created to defend Earth. While the possibility of a threat was always a given, the threat became clear on May 26 when the spaceship known as the Almighty appeared in the sky.

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A few days later, around June 2, the Almighty had closed in on Earth. The ship looked like it was headed for a collision course with the planet, and time was running out to stop it. Fortunately, Destiny 2 players were able to complete enough Seraph Tower events to fully charge the Rasputin defense system. The official Destiny 2 Twitter account tweeted that Rasputin had reached full power, teasing that the time was near to take on the Almighty.

The live event started right on time at 10 a.m. Pacific on June 6. Throughout the course of an hour-long event, players sat and watched at Rasputin took aim and fired a volley of missiles at the starship. The action was slow-moving, but Rasputin was eventually successful. Players watched as the Almighty was blown apart, slinging debris across the planet’s surface before crashing near the Tower. You can see the action for yourself in the following video posted by YouTube user Jarv:

With the ship destroyed, Destiny 2 players now have the chance to inspect the crash site. Near Zavala, who has a few words to say about the event, players can inspect a new hole created in the Tower. Choosing the option to inspect the crash site will unlock the Seraph’s Wings commemorative emblem, a small reward for their participation in the Season of the Worthy and aiding in the destruction of the Almighty.