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How to get the Destiny 2 Seraph’s Wings emblem | Almighty event emblem location

The Seraph’s Wings emblem is now available in Destiny 2 for everyone. After the destruction of the Almighty, players can get a chance to pick up the event emblem though it’s not very apparent at first where you need to go to get it. Fortunately, this is an easy collectible to pick up once you know where to inspect.

How to get the Almighty event emblem in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Seraph's Wings Emblem Inspect Crash Site

Whether you were there for the Almighty event or not, you can grab the Seraph’s Wings emblem. Any player can obtain this collectible, regardless of their level of completion, so you don’t have to worry about any pre-requisites.

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To get the Seraph’s Wings emblem, follow these steps:

  1. Boot up Destiny 2 and open the Director.
  2. Head over to the Tower, and spawn at the Courtyard landing zone.
  3. From here, you just have to walk due south toward Zavala.
  4. On the way towards him, you’ll see some damaged concrete.
  5. Approach this and watch for the prompt to pop up to “Inspect Crash Site.”
  6. Hold the inspect button, and you’ll get the emblem!

Remember, if your inventory is full, you’ll need to store an emblem and visit Kadi 55-30, the Postmaster, to pick it up.

The Seraph’s Wings emblem is compatible with the following stat trackers:

  • Seasons
  • Account

While this emblem is currently available to all players by merely inspecting the crash site at the Tower, that may not always be the case. The next season of Destiny 2 starts next week, which may result in the crash site being repaired. If you can’t inspect it, there’ll be no way to obtain Seraph’s Wings unless Bungie allows you to get it for completing another activity.

As far as emblems go, Seraph’s Wings is pretty stylish. You can’t go wrong with black, and the little gray squares give the emblem a punchcard look that makes an excellent complement to the Warsat storyline from this season.