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What is the Valorant ‘Network Problem’ fix?

Although it doesn’t prevent anybody from playing entirely, the Valorant “Network Problem” error can be a real pain. It pops up every now and again without elaborating on what’s wrong, confusing some users that aren’t experiencing noticeable issues despite its persistence. Others are encountering notable issues though, and either way, both parties are waiting on a Valorant “Network Problem” fix. Keep scrolling for all the details.

Valorant ‘Network Problem’ Fix | Error message solution

Valorant Network Problem fix

As previously mentioned, the Valorant “Network Problem” error message is having hugely different impacts on different players. Some report that the game runs fine in spite of the error, while others claim to be rubberbanding all over the place as a result. With some of the worst affected players having solid internet connections and low ping, what’s the deal? One common thread seems to be the use of Wi-Fi; namely, switching to a wired ethernet connection could solve the issue.

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If that doesn’t help, thankfully, there’s another potential and somewhat surprising fix. Many players have been able to solve the “Network Problem” error by limiting their framerate. It might sound outlandish that capping your FPS would affect the game’s networking performance, but seemingly it does.

What is the Valorant ‘Network Problem’ fix?

  • If you’re connected the internet via Wi-Fi, switch to a wired ethernet connection.
  • Should the problem persist, try capping your frame-rate:
    • From the main menu, click the two lines in the top left corner.
    • Click the “SETTINGS” option.
    • Navigate to the “VIDEO” tab.
    • Locate the “Limit FPS Always” setting.
    • Click “On” and then set a value in the “Max FPS Always” field below.
      • It’s recommended that you select a figure below 200 FPS.
    • Click the “CLOSE SETTINGS” button.

After following the above steps, you should stop getting the Valorant “Network Problem” pop-up and be able to play as normal.