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Valorant Battle Pass missing rewards fix

Riot Games’ Valorant is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. That’s fine and all, but an issue arises when players don’t get the content that they’ve paid for. This is what’s currently happening with the Valorant Ignition Battle Pass; some players aren’t being granted unlocks when the requirements are met, which is an obvious cause of frustration. If you’ve been affected, fortunately, there is a Valorant Battle Pass missing rewards fix.

What is the Valorant Battle Pass missing rewards fix?

Valorant Battle Pass missing rewards fix

A quick visit to the Valorant Support website reveals that the developers are already aware of this issue. At the time of writing, a prominent message can be seen that reads as follows: “We are aware of an issue where the Battle Pass is sometimes not granting content. We will be retroactively granting missed rewards!”

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As indicated in the message, any missed rewards will be granted to players in due course. There’s nothing that can be done to speed the process up in this case, rather the Valorant missing Battle Pass rewards fix is simply to be patient. Although it’s frustrating, you can keep playing safe in the knowledge that any previous and future glitched Battle Pass items will eventually be credited to your account.

The wait shouldn’t be too long, as the Valorant Twitter account (@Play VALORANT) recently confirmed that the issue has been addressed in several regions. Korean, Japanese, Oceanic, and Asia-Pacific players have already had their missing Ignition Battle Pass content returned. Meanwhile, those in Europe and North America (along with several other locations listed in the tweet below) can expect a solution “in the coming days.”

With Riot working to implement a fix “as soon as possible,” it shouldn’t be too much longer until Valorant players are reunited with their rightful in-game cosmetics.