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Valorant Low Client FPS Error | How to fix

Valorant may be the hot new competitive shooter to play, but it’s not immune to errors. Specifically, some players have reported encountering the Valorant low client FPS error. Typically a warning of inadequate system power, this error still appears even when players’ PCs easily meet or exceed the game’s recommended system requirements. What does the low client FPS warning mean, and what can you do to fix it? That’s what we’re here to discuss.

Valorant | Low Client FPS Error Fix

valorant low client fps error how to fix

The Valorant low client FPS error typically appears when there are new game updates or problems with the client’s software. In some instances, the low client FPS warning can be removed by disabling Radeon Software or adjusting the game’s fullscreen or windowed gaphics options.

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When Valorant issues a low client FPS error, users tend to experience painfully low framerates. This is no surprise, since that’s exactly what the warning is describing. Sometimes this is caused when a new update is pushed out. Since the game is optimized for a wide variety of PC hardware, sometimes new updates make things run worse. If you suspect a recent update caused the problem, it’s probably worth waiting until a new patch is released.

Valorant low client FPS error | Software compatibility problems

Other times, this warning is based around problems with outside software. The Instant Replay in Radeon Software is particularly troublesome, as it seems to drastically reduce the game’s framerate while running. Fortunately, the fix is easy: Disable Instant Replay by opening Radeon Settings, clicking on the Settings icon, then turning off the Instant Replay toggle. While you’re there, you may also want to disable any other features or software overlays like AMD ReLive.

If neither of these solutions work for you, the final low client FPS fix involves tweaking the game’s graphical settings. Some users report that running Valorant with full screen optimization disabled drastically increases their FPS. This can be achieved by finding the game’s *.exe file (typically in C:\Riot\Valorant), right clicking the file, selecting Properties, then Compatibility, then disabling full screen optimization. You may need to press F11 while in-game to cycle between fullscreen and windowed modes.

The Valorant low client FPS error is a nuisance that seems to appear at random. You can fix most instances by disabling GPU software overlays or running the game in windowed mode. Otherwise, the error may be caused by a recent game update, in which case you’d need to wait for a new patch.