Destiny 2 Contact Public Event | How to start Contact Heroic Event

The Contact Public Event is new to Destiny 2 and is a central part of the Season of Arrivals. Not only is completing it required for several seasonal quests, but it’s also a great way to grind for Umbral Engrams. As with all public events in Destiny 2, there is a Contact Heroic Event that can be activated after fulfilling certain conditions. We’ll go into detail on what location you can find the Contact Public Event at and how to change it into a Heroic Event below.

Destiny 2 Contact Public Event Location

Destiny 2 Contact Public Event Io Map

Currently, you can find the Contact Public Event on Io. It constantly respawns in the Lost Oasis region, and you can easily find it on the map and via the waypoint that pops up when you spawn onto the planet.

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For now, Contact is localized to Io, but we’ll see it in other locations as well as the season progresses. When playing Season of Arrivals for the first time, an info screen shows that the public event will be found on Io and Titan. However, I’ve yet to see it pop off on Titan, so it may switch between locations between resets or move to Titan after a yet-to-be-seen story event.

I believe Bungie will eventually have Contact spawn on each of the locations set to enter the Destiny Content Vault this fall. That way, the Darkness taking over or consuming these places will explain their absence instead of them just disappearing randomly when the Beyond Light expansion starts.

How to activate the Destiny 2 Contact Heroic Event

Destiny 2 Contact Heroic Event Joined

The Contact event consists of four rounds of fighting, and each is harder than the last. To complete the event normally, you must defeat enemies to generate motes, which you then have to bank. It’s sort of like Gambit light in execution. Between each round, you must take down a horde of Taken, after which the next round begins. At the end of the fourth round, you face a boss, and the event is completed.

To activate the Contact Heroic Event in Destiny 2, you need to keep an eye out for a message on the left side of your screen that says, “Concentrated Darkness coalesces nearby.” This is your cue to start looking for a beam leading from the Pyramid ship above the bank to somewhere on the ground. Following the beam will lead you to the Bloom, which is a glowing ball surrounded by a brownish energy field. A Champion-class enemy will guard the Bloom with two high-health enemies escorting it. You have to take out the Champion before you can pick up the Bloom.

Destiny 2 Contact Heroic Event Bloom

When you pick up the Bloom, bank it. Be wary though, enemy Champions can attempt to steal Blooms from your bank, and you’ll need to kill them and rebank them if you want to get the Contact Heroic Event.

If you can make it through all four rounds and bank all the Blooms that appear, the Contact Heroic Event will start. A difficult Taken Pyromaster boss will appear, and you’ll have to contend with it and a steady stream of Champion enemies. You’re on a timer to kill this boss, but you no longer have to worry about banking motes, so just throw everything you have at it. Periodically, a pylon will spawn and buff the boss, so you’ll need to pause and take it out to maximize your damage. The game will warn you when the pylon generates, so don’t worry about spotting it ahead of time.

The Contact Heroic Event can be hard to trigger. This event gets frantic when you start getting on later rounds, and it can be challenging to notice the message indicating a Bloom has appeared or the beam pointing to it. However, it’s not too hard to spot if you’re actively keeping an eye out for it.