How big is the PlayStation 5?

The recent PS5 reveal event finally unveiled the form factor of Sony’s next-gen hardware. Fans have been waiting years for a look at the next machine to grace their home entertainment systems, and it ultimately proved to be a divisive one. Whether you appreciate the futuristic design or not, the question of whether it’ll fit under your TV remains. If you’re wondering “How big is the PlayStation 5?” then you’re in the right place.

PS5 Size | How big is the PlayStation 5?

How big is the PlayStation 5?

While Sony hasn’t shared the official PS5 dimensions, speculative early calculations indicate that it could be a monster. Like, we’re talking it might not fit in your television unit kinda big. By analyzing the vertical console alongside its DualSense gamepad, plus referencing the disc tray and front USB port, internet sleuths have estimated that it’ll be the biggest games console we’ve seen in generations.

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Twitter user @milkand2sugars_ has offered perhaps the best illustration of the estimated PS5 size. As you can see from the image below, based on the size of the USB slot and disc drive, the PlayStation 5 could be much taller than the Xbox Series X. It may also be larger than both the launch model PS3 and the original Xbox One, both of which are infamous for their chunky size.

Until Sony reveals the exact PlayStation 5 dimensions, this estimate is the best information we have to go on. We’ll update you when the official size is known, but, until then, make sure you save a large space under the telly.

If the estimated size is accurate, then the PS5 console design is sure to get even more polarizing. Some gamers aren’t too keen on the curves and white color scheme already; taking up tons of room to boot certainly won’t help matters. Fortunately, you can at least lie it down safely.