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How to do a ‘Rocket Jump’ in Valorant

If you’re looking to get around a map as quickly as possible in the game, you’ll want to know how to do a Valorant Rocket Jump. Below, we’ll let you in on how to do a rocket jump in Valorant. Read on to find out the quickest and, undeniably, coolest way to get around maps in Valorant. Discover right here, what character you need to be and which items you need to use to perform the rocket jump.

How to do a Valorant rocket jump

Valorant rocket jump

To perform a rocket jump in Valorant, you need to play as Raze. Rocket jumps allow you to quickly access high-up areas of a map or rapidly shoot yourself across large areas of the map. Raze comes equipped with her Blast Packs, which do not damage her when used. You’ll need to use Blast Packs to perform the rocket jump. It cannot be done in any other way, or with any other character. So make sure you use Raze. Below, we’ve listed the steps you need to follow to perform a rocket jump.

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Read through these steps to find out how to do a rocket jump in Valorant:

  • Play as Raze.
  • Place down a Blast Pack
    • Place the Blast Pack on the floor or on the surface of where you wish to begin your rocket jump
  • Run over the Blast Pack and detonate it as you’re on top of it
  • Throw your second Blast Pack down and detonate it to propel yourself again
  • If you can, you can use Raze’s Showstopper Rocket Launcher for a third rocket jump

If you follow the steps above and time it all correctly, you should be able to reach far-flung areas of the map almost instantly. Act quickly, though, the rocket jump could well be nerfed out of the game following a patch. Thanks to gray on YouTube for showing the world how to perform the Valorant rocket jump.