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The Last of Us 2 | Barko’s Pet Shop Key Location

When exploring downtown Seattle in The Last of Us 2, you’ll likely come across Barko’s Pet Store. This shop can be found on 6th and Marion and isn’t immediately accessible. The front entrance is blocked, and the side door is locked.

Fortunately, we know exactly where the location of the Barko’s key is in The Last of Us 2. You can find it too by reading on below.

The Last of Us 2 Barko’s Pet Store key location

The Last of Us 2 Barko's Side Door

You’ll find Barko’s next to Valiant Music on Marion St. You’ll notice that the front door to Barko’s Pet Store is inaccessible. However, you can get into the store via the entrance in the alley. More than likely, the first time you try this side door, you’ll find that it’s locked. Your first thought might be that you simply can’t enter the shop, but that’s not the case.

You’ll need to travel north to find the key to Barko’s Pet Store. It isn’t located anywhere around the store itself. It’s hidden in Ruston Coffee, which can be found on 5th and Spring. You’ll find a few clues pointing this area out as you explore downtown Seattle, but you can head there anytime.

The Last of Us 2 Ruston Coffee

When you arrive at Ruston Coffee, you’ll need to bust out the glass to enter the building. Head toward the back and enter the unisex bathroom to continue your journey to get the Barko’s key in The Last of Us 2.

When you enter the bathroom, be ready. An infected will burst out of the stall and attack you. Once you’ve dispatched it, head towards the back of the room.

The Last of Us 2 Barko's Key Location

On the diaper changing table, you’ll find the key to Barko’s Pet Store. You’ll know it’s the one because it has a large dog bone-shaped keychain with “Barko’s” stamped into it. Now, just return to the pet store and use the key to enter the side door!