Is Reddit Down? | We had some trouble getting to Reddit

Having trouble accessing Reddit? It’s possible that Reddit is down. A number of users have reported an error saying “we had some trouble getting to reddit” or the much simpler “Sorry, we couldn’t load posts for this page.” If Reddit isn’t working for you, here’s what this problem means and what you can do to fix it.

Had some trouble getting to Reddit error | Is Reddit down?

we had some trouble getting to reddit down outage

If it seems like Reddit is down, chances are good it’s experiencing technical difficulties. When you see an error message saying the site “had some trouble getting to Reddit,” the takeaway is obvious: Something has gone wrong. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to fix the situation; you’ll simply have to wait and try again later.

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There are several common Reddit errors that don’t always spell out what the problem is. The “having some trouble” message is particularly vague, not providing any details about the problem at hand. To make matters more complicated, this error sometimes appears only in specific subs, while pages like r/all or user-specific landing pages work fine.

No matter what’s causing the website or servers to act up, the problem should only be temporary. Even if Reddit actually goes down, it’s very likely to return to normal operations soon. If you’re absolutely jonesing to get back in, you can keep your eye on the official Reddit Twitter account for status updates. Alternatively, you can use services like DownDetector to determine whether or not anyone else is experiencing an outage.

Without the domain becoming entirely inaccessible, it’s hard to say if Reddit is down. Still, the “We had some trouble getting to Reddit” message paints a pretty clear picture that something has gone wrong. Unfortunately, you’ll simply have to wait until the problem is sorted out before you can go back to browsing.