Are there Phantom: Covert Ops PSVR and Steam release dates?

Stealth title Phantom: Covert Ops shot to the top of a lot of most-wanted VR games lists when it mopped up several awards at E3 2019. Ever since PlayStation VR owners have been left wondering whether they can enjoy nDreams’ canoe-based shooter starring David Hayter (Solid Sanke) on PS4. So, is there a Phantom: Covert Ops PSVR launch planned? And what about a Steam release for those that play on PC via SteamVR? Here’s everything you need to know.

Is Phantom: Covert Ops coming to PSVR?

Phantom Covert Ops PSVR

At the time of writing, there are no plans to release a Phantom: Covert Ops PS4 port. There isn’t a Phantom: Covert Ops PSVR release date as a result.

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Covert Ops is an Oculus Studios title, which means that its development was at least partially funded by Oculus. Due to that fact, it’s unlikely that the game will ever make its way to PlayStation VR. As with other Oculus Studios titles, Phantom: Covert Ops is intended to be an exclusive game that showcases the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets.

Considering that it works on the standalone Quest HMD, running Covert Ops on PS4 probably wouldn’t be an issue. Despite this, it isn’t likely to happen as prior Oculus Studios games haven’t made the jump.

Is Phantom: Covert Ops coming to Steam?

Phantom Covert Ops Steam

There are currently no plans to launch a Phantom: Covert Ops Steam version. There is no Phantom: Covert Ops Steam release date.

Although the supported Oculus headsets are fully compatible with SteamVR, Covert Ops is still unlikely to release on Valve’s PC storefront. The reason for this is that SteamVR supports rival virtual reality headsets as well, which would enable playing Oculus exclusives on competitors’ hardware like the HTC Vive.

More than likely, as with other Oculus Studios projects, Phantom: Covert Ops will remain exclusive to the Oculus Store.