Is Pokemon Cafe Mix free to play?

Is Pokemon Cafe Mix free to play? The Genius Sonority developed Pokemon puzzle game is available right now across iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch and it promises gameplay similar to Disney Tsum Tsum. Read on to find out if Pokemon Cafe Mix is a free-to-start game or not. Discover below how much Pokemon Cafe Mix costs and whether you’ll need to spend any money on it or not.

Is Pokemon Cafe Mix free to play?

is Pokemon Cafe Mix free

Pokemon Cafe Mix is a free to play game. Whether you want to play it on iOS, Android, or Nintendo Switch, the game is a free download. You don’t need to spend any money to play Pokemon Cafe Mix. It does, however, feature microtransactions. As with other free to play titles, these microtransactions are there to make the game easier and keep you playing for longer. You do not need to buy any of the microtransactions to play Pokemon Cafe Mix.

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The microtransactions primarily buy you Golden Acorns, items, and skill plus bonuses. Golden Acorns let you buy more turns during puzzles and more hearts to use to carry on playing. You can earn Golden Acorns for free while playing the game. Do try to complete the Daily Stamp Board Challenges for some free Golden Acorns.

Complete Pokemon Cafe Mix Microtransactions List

  • Golden Acorns
    • $0.99 for 1,200
    • $4.99 for 6,100
    • $9.99 for 12,200
    • $19.99 for 24,400
  • Item Packs
    • Item Pack A ($1.99)
      • 2,500 Golden Acorns
      • One skill plus bonus
    • Item Pack B ($6.99)
      • 8,600 Golden Acorns
      • One skill plus bonus
      • A Helpful Paw
      • A Horizontal Megaphone
      • One Vertical Whistle
    • Item Pack C ($15.99)
      • 19,600 Golden Acorns
      • Two Helpful Paws
      • Two skill plus bonuses
      • Two Horizontal Megaphones
      • Two Vertical Megaphones
      • Two Vertical Whistles
    • Item Pack D ($31.99)
      • 39,200 Golden Acorns
      • Five Helpful Paws
      • Five skill plus bonuses
      • Five Horizontal Megaphones
      • Five Vertical Megaphones
      • Five Vertical Whistles
    • Item Pack E ($54.99)
      • 70,000 Golden Acorns
      • Seven Helpful Paws
      • Seven skill plus bonuses
      • Seven Horizontal Megaphones
      • Seven Vertical Megaphones
      • Seven Horizontal Whistles
      • Seven Vertical Whistles
    • Special Pikachu Pack ($3.99)
      • Pikachu leader
      • 4,900 Golden Acorns
      • Three skill plus bonuses
      • Three Horizontal Megaphones
      • Three Vertical Megaphones