What does added by invite mean in Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular way to stay in touch with both friends and trends. However, not everyone uses Snap, which is why the app offers a way for users to send invitations to contacts. It’s in these cases when users will find that their Snapchat friends have been added by invite. But what does this message really mean? And does it have anything to do with actually receiving an invite?

Snapchat | What does added by invite mean?

snapchat what does added by invite mean

Snapchat displays a notification that users were added by invite when those users join the service after being sent an invitation. Put another way, this notification means that the user was invited to join Snapchat prior to installing the app or being added as a contact.

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There is some confusion over what the added by invite message really means. After all, it’s pretty rare for social media users only join up after being text messaged or emailed an invitation. In the case of Snapchat, it’s likely that these users were sent an invitation only to later join the service.

Of course, this message is meant to appear any time an invitation is sent and then accepted. But again, that’s not always the case.

Until the team behind Snapchat offer a more thorough description, the “added by invite” message can only mean one thing definitively: That the user was sent an invitation. The assumption is that they accepted the invite (by installing the application), but the message may appear simply by virtue of having been sent an invite.

It’s worth mentioning that Snapchat contacts can be added by various means: Added from story, through Snap code, by phone number, and by user name are the most common options. The added by invite is the rarest of them all, because it implies someone who wasn’t on Snapchat was invited to use the service. You know, as opposed to already being on Snapchat only to be invited as a new contact.

The added by invite message on Snapchat simply means that a user was invited to use Snapchat and eventually joined. It’s probably the least common way of adding new contacts, but the invitation function does help expand your contact list to people who haven’t jet joined the service.