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How to check Valorant match history

As with any good competitive FPS game, Valorant allows you to check your match history. Not only is it a way to catch up on your wins and losses, but it also allows you to go over your performance statistics. Here’s how to check your match history in Valorant.

Valorant | How to check your match history

valorant how to check match history

You can check your match history in Valorant through the in-game Career page. There, the match history will display basic information for the last ten Valorant matches you’ve played. You can click on individual matches to see more detailed summaries.

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Riot Games put a fair amount of thought into the game’s match history view. Clicking on any given match will provide a summary offering a breakdown of your individual stats for that round. This includes round wins, first bloods, deployed spikes, eliminations, defusals, econ rating, and so on.

From here, it’s also possible to view the match scoreboard. This page provides the exact same stats as the summary page, but for every player in the match: Their kill-death ratio, econ rating, plants, and defuses. It’s typically sorted by the average combat score, with the match’s best player being featured at the top.

The match history page has two more options: Timeline and performance. Timeline provides an event log where you can view per-round performance statistics, making it one of the most detailed views. The performance page is not nearly as dense, as it mainly shows kills, deaths, and assists when compared with each opponent on the enemy team.

All you need to do to check your Valorant match history is head to the Career page. There you’ll be able to check detailed statistics for your last ten matches, including specifics about each player and round. It’s the perfect way to learn from your mistakes or revel in your own victories.