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Apex Legends Psamathe Olympus Map | Season 7 Third Map Release Date

The Apex Legends Psamathe Olympus map has been teased yet again, making it more and more likely that it will be the new third map for the game. With Apex Legends having now entered its sixth season with only two available maps, fans are expecting a third map to be available in Season 7. Here’s what we know so far about the Psamathe map and a potential release date.

When is the Apex Legends Psamathe Olympus map release date?

Apex Legends Psamathe Olympus Map

A new Apex Legends map is expected to be added at the beginning of Season 7. This will likely be November 24.

Though dataminers had already found evidence of the Psamathe Olympus map in previous builds of the game, the potential new Apex Legends map for Season 7 was most recently teased in the Season 5 trailer.

Upon failing to destroy the Revenant face, Loba watched as it was transported away from the facility. Writing on the protective case confirmed that the face was being transferred to the “Psamathe Production Facility 819,” as seen in the screenshot above.

Psamathe is where both Octane and Lifeline are from, so there’s potential for players to learn more about both characters. What’s more, the city Olympus, which has also been found in datamined info and leaks, is also found on Psamathe.

All current signs point towards Psamathe as being the new Apex Legends map for Season 7.

Of course, it’s possible that developer Respawn Entertainment has other plans for Season 7, and is actually teasing content for even further into the game’s lifecycle. Unlike Fortnite and it’s rapid releasing of new events, Respawn has been comparatively slower.

We’ll have to wait until November 24 to confirm what the developers have been working on for Season 7. Here’s hoping the new Psamathe Olympus is part of the next content drop!

The Psamathe map joins the Nova character and addition of Sprays as rumored features that have been reinforced by committed dataminers.