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Apex Legends Sprays | New cosmetic items

What are Apex Legends Sprays? Thanks to a load of new datamined content, a whole host of new cosmetic items appear to be on the way to EA and Respawn’s free-to-play battle royale game. This includes Sprays. Read on to find out what Sprays do in Apex Legends and how you might go about unlocking them. Discover everything we know about the new Apex Legends cosmetic items below.

How to unlock Apex Legends Sprays

Apex Legends Sprays

We’d wager that you can unlock the new Apex Legends Sprays in Packs. This should work in the same way that you currently unlock other cosmetic items in the game. As of writing, however, Apex Legends Sprays are not in the game. This is a new, incoming, feature that has been data-mined. All we know is that Sprays should be on the way to the game and that six of them, at least, are based on existing Legends.

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Thanks to reliable Apex Legends data miner Shrugtal, we know that Sprays should be on the way to the game at some point. Check out Shrugtal’s tweet below to see what the current known list of Sprays in Apex Legends is and what they look like:

We imagine sprays work as they do in other battle royale and first-person shooter games. You’ll equip a number of them to a wheel or selection screen and then spray them onto the ground or any other surface. A nice little bit of personalization in any given Apex Legends match. While we’re guessing that Sprays will be available to unlock in Packs, they could have something to do with the leaked Paintball LTM. A paint-themed new cosmetic item alongside a game of paintball? Sounds like a match made in Heaven to us. As always, though, this is all subject to change, given the nature of leaks and data-mined assets.