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Is there Death Stranding Cross-Play? | Can PC and PS4 play together?

Is there Death Stranding Cross-PlayFans of this Kojima Productions game might be wondering whether or not they can enjoy the experience together with their friends. Can the PC version and PS4 version of Death Stranding play together? Read on to find out!

Is there Death Stranding Cross-Play?

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If you’re unfamiliar with Death Stranding, you should know that the multiplayer gameplay doesn’t actually involve meeting other players. There are only a handful of ways you can interact with other people:

  • Leaving gifts for other players to find in their own games
  • Finding lost cargo from other players
  • Player-built structures like roads, signs, post boxes, and the like can be shared across games
  • Cairns can grow in power as more people rest at them.

While you will never actually see another player, you will see their effect on the world based on the structures they’ve built and the items they’ve left behind (whether intentionally or not). It should be noted, however, that you aren’t likely to see many of these things until you’ve explored a little.

The PS4 version of the game has been around for a while now and that means that there’s a world full of goodies for new PS4 players to enjoy. So, is there Death Stranding Cross-Play? Unfortunately, it looks like that won’t be the case.

“This time, we will prepare a new server for PC users,” reads a machine-translated statement from Kojima Productions in an interview with GameSpark. “Therefore, indirect [Cross-Play] between PS4 version users and PC version users is not possible.”

Can Steam and Epic Games Store gamers play together?

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It seems that the PS4 and PC worlds will indeed be separate, but even the PC world has its own distinct realms. If you buy the game on Steam, will you be able to find items and structures built by players on the Epic Games Store? The answer to that same question appears to be in the same interview with GameSpark.

“You can buy the PC version from the Steam or Epic Games stores, but you can work together on any of the selling sites,” read the response from Kojima Productions.

As best as we can tell, it looks like Steam and Epic Games Store gamers will get to experience the same world. PS4 players, however, will be all on their own.