Hyper Scape Controller Support | Is there gamepad aim assist?

Hyper Scape just entered closed beta on PC, with PS4 and Xbox One versions scheduled for a later date. If you’re partial to using a console gamepad, does the PC version support it? And is there any aim assist to help level the playing field against keyboard and mouse users? Stick with our Hyper Scape controller support guide for all the details.

Hyper Scape Controller Support | Is there gamepad aim assist?

Hyper Scape Controller Support

Hyper Scape does feature full controller support on PC. By connecting an Xbox One controller or a DualShock 4 (PS4) gamepad, the battle royale title will immediately recognize it and display the appropriate button prompts. While we haven’t been able to confirm this for ourselves, we’ve seen reports that Xbox 360 and Google Stadia pads are not supported.

Ubisoft‘s free-to-play BR game controls well on a gamepad, though you will be at a disadvantage in shootouts. At the time of writing, it appears that there’s no compensatory controller aim assist in Hyper Scape, which isn’t ideal when coming up against KB&M users. We’d often get the drop on somebody, only to have them spin around and kill us as we struggled to keep the reticule over the moving opponent.

With Hyper Scape currently being in closed beta, it’s very possible that this could change in time. Once the BR arena shooter hits consoles, it’s possible that any aim assist will be retrofitted on PC. With the game also rumored to feature eventual crossplay support, it’s likely that the developers will look to even the odds via an aim assist system in place of having users on PC emerge as dominant.

Is there Hyper Scape controller support?

  • Yes, the PC version of Hyper Scape features controller support.
  • Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers are fully supported.
  • There doesn’t appear to be gamepad aim assist.