Hyper Scape Protocol V OP | Is the sniper overpowered and broken?

Although the Hyper Scape technical test just launched players are already settling into a new meta. Easily one of the most popular and powerful weapons is the sniper rifle; is the long-range firearm quickly becoming an overpowered problem, though? Is the Hyper Scape Protocol V OP? Keep scrolling to find out.

Hyper Scape Protocol V OP | Is the sniper rifle overpowered?

Hyper Scape Protocol V OP

On all but the most egregious occasions, deciding whether or not something is OP is a nuanced conversation with supporters on either side. In the case of Hyper Scape‘s Protocol V sniper rifle, we can all at least agree that it’s incredibly powerful. The base Protocol V is a two-hit kill weapon wherever you hit on an opponent’s body. When the sniper is fully upgraded (or “Fused” five times), it becomes a one-shot headshot kill.

Reaching the max Protocol V level can take a long time, depending on how lucky you get while looting, though you can also find one at random — it’ll appear as a golden pick-up. Some consider that troublesome, as it can provide a huge early advantage in the right hands.

Not only that, but the vertical nature of Ubisoft‘s Hyper Scape means that it’s easy to reach a prime sniping perch with sightlines across the map. The rifle also has a powerful zoom function, no bullet drop, and no travel time (it’s hitscan); keeping all that in mind, it’s easy to see why many players believe the Protocol V is OP. Perhaps the silver lining is that snipers can’t camp for too long due to the mobile nature of BR games.

Although it can be frustrating, Hyper Scape only just entered closed beta and balance issues are to be expected. It’s likely that the sniper rifle, along with several other weapons, will be tweaked numerous times before launch.