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What is the Pokemon Go Premier Cup?

The Pokemon Go PvP Battle League just got a whole lot more exciting following the introduction of the Premier Cup. If you’re wondering “What is the Pokemon Go Premier Cup?” then you’re already in the right place to learn everything you need to know. Stick around as we share all of the details for iOS and Android players.

Po Go Battle League | What is the Pokemon Go Premier Cup?

What is the Pokemon Go Premier Cup?

Battle League is the Pokemon Go competitive online PvP mode, and the Premier Cup is an ongoing in-game event. It’s the first GO Battle League themed Cup and is contested at Master League level, so isn’t for beginners. In an interesting twist, the Pokemon Go Premier Cup ruleset disqualifies the use of Legendary and Mythical Pokemon to make things even more challenging.

You’ll need to select a team of six Pokemon, with the only restriction being that none can be Mythical or Legendary. Be sure to field the best possible team, as there are no restrictions on Combat Power in the Premier Cup. You can expect to encounter some stiff competition, with many enemy teams comprised of all Lv40 Pokemon; not only that, but they’re likely to be Best Buddies and have 100% IVs as well.

By participating and winning matches in the Pokemon Go Premier Cup on your smartphone, it’s possible to earn in-game ranks and rewards. The event is live right now and is scheduled to run through Monday, July 27.

What is the Pokemon Go Premier Cup?

  • The Pokemon Go Premier Cup is the first GO Battle League themed Cup.
    • Contested at Master League level.
    • Legendary and Mythical Pokemon are banned.
    • Potential to earn ranks and rewards.
  • The Pokemon Go Premier Cup is running now through Monday, July 27.

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