When is the WWE 2K Battlegrounds release date?

Following the disappointment of WWE 2K20, 2K Games decided to grant wrestling fans a long-held wish. WWE 2K Battlegrounds is basically WWE All-Starsin all but name. The fact that there won’t be any WWE 2K21 means that anticipation is especially high, so when will the agonizing wait finally be over? Keep scrolling to learn the WWE 2K Battlegrounds release date and some new details on this arcade fighting game.

What is the WWE 2K Battlegrounds release date?

WWE 2K Battlegrounds release date

The WWE 2K Battlegrounds release date is Friday, September 18, 2020. The over-the-top wrestling title will be available on PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. Developer Saber Interactive and publisher 2K plan to launch all versions on September 18.

2K Battlegrounds isn’t your typical simulation-based WWE game. The WWE 2K Battlegrounds release date announce trailer is embedded at the bottom of this page; watch it to see how crazy things can get. Daniel Bryan jumps from a helicopter, Nikki Bella and Sasha Banks are charged by a rampaging ram, and Roman Reigns clobbers “Stone Cold” Steve Austin with a motorbike.

Alongside the release date announcement, 2K Games revealed some details on the suite of WWE 2K Battlegrounds modes. There are local and online exhibition matches, as well as a unique King of the Battleground online tournament. In this last-man-standing competition, “four players start in the ring while four more wait outside to enter.”

Perhaps most exciting is the campaign. This solo mode invites players to join seven bespoke WWE hopefuls as they strive to earn a WWE contract. Along the way, you’ll encounter WWE personalities including Stone Cold and Paul Heyman, as well as unlocking wacky new arenas.

It looks like players will have plenty to keep them busy. With the WWE 2K Battlegrounds release date set for September 18, there isn’t too much longer to wait for your fix of bonkers wrestling action.