Is there a WWE 2K Battlegrounds Create-A-Wrestler feature?

Wrestling fans are getting the arcade action of WWE 2K Battlegrounds this year, in place of WWE 2K21 and its simulation-based take on sports entertainment. While mixing things up is refreshing and all, will the extensive creation options remain intact? Is there a WWE 2K Battlegrounds Create-A-Wrestler mode? Stick around for the first details on the WWE 2K Battlegrounds Create-A-Superstar feature.

Does WWE 2K Battlegrounds have Create-A-Wrestler?

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Create-A-Wrestler

WWE 2K Battlegrounds does include a Create-A-Wrestler feature. 2K Games recently revealed the wrestling title’s release date, and along with it shared some screenshots including a first look at the WWE 2K Battlegrounds Character Editor.

The image in question can be seen just above. Featuring a female Superstar in punk rock duds, with blue skin to boot, it seems like players will be able to let their creativity run wild. Custom characters will almost certainly be available in local and online exhibition matches, but the Character Editor could also play a part in the game’s campaign.

Campaign mode in WWE 2K Battlegrounds sees players join seven rookie wrestlers seeking to secure a WWE contract. They’re all unique to the game — that is, they aren’t real-world talents — which the player could be able to customize via the Create-A-Wrestler tool.

Prompted by the disappointing release of WWE 2K20, instead of a new mainline entry in the WWE 2K series, we’re getting WWE 2K Battlegrounds in 2020. The game is essentially WWE All-Stars 2; this isn’t a bad thing considering that the 2011 brawler has its fair share of fans.

Mainline WWE games have quite extensive customization options as they’ve spent years building up a library of assets and transitioning them between installments. Since WWE 2K Battlegrounds features an entirely different aesthetic, unfortunately, that most likely won’t be possible in this instance. Whether or not that’ll lead to a leaner character customization suite remains to be seen.