Are there Hyper Scape hackers?

Are there Hyper Scape hackers? You may have noticed players doing some outlandish things in the new Ubisoft battle royale, such as reaching areas that they shouldn’t be able to, but does this mean that there are Hyper Scape cheaters? Read on to find out if there are people cheating in Hyper Scape or not. Discover below if there is anything you can do to stop facing off against hackers in the game, or if there is anything Ubisoft is doing to try and stop it from happening.

Are there Hyper Scape hackers?

Hyper Scape hackers

There are cheaters in Hyper Scape, making use of in-game exploits that have appeared via bugs. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there are Hyper Scape hackers. Hackers sound far more nefarious than players making use of in-game exploits. These are issues that exist in the game that certain (no-good) players are taking advantage of. Some of them are game-breaking.

Bugs exist within the Hyper Scape Hacks. You can use the Teleport and Walls Hacks together, for example, to quickly find yourself at the top of a mighty tower from which you can snipe the players below. StratusEclipse on Reddit has a video of this in action. As you can see, it’s a game-breaking issue for anyone left down below. The player using this exploit can sit atop their perch and take out enemies below with a sniper rifle easily. It’s far from ideal.

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about it in-game. If you spot a player cheating with an exploit, you can record it and report it, however. Making Ubisoft aware of the bugs and exploits is all you can do. Thankfully, Hyper Scape is in its beta right now. This is a time where exploits and bugs should be more commonplace, with Ubisoft, hopefully, patching out any issues before the game’s full release. Hopefully, too, some kind of anti-cheat system will be in place for hackers, dishing out bans and other punishments for hacking the game and cheating.