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What time do Fortnite challenges come out?

Leveling up your Fortnite Battle Pass is the name of the game, and one of the best ways to speed up the process is to complete all of the weekly challenges. In order to maximize the time that you have to complete these tasks, it pays to know exactly when they rotate each week. So, if you’ve been wondering “What time do Fortnite challenges come out?” then you’re in the right place to discover the answer.

What time do Fortnite challenges come out (2020)?

What time do Fortnite challenges come out

New Fortnite challenges come out every Thursday at 10 am Eastern Time (EST). In the event that developer Epic Games performs maintenance or releases an update, this could be subjected to delays.

What time do Fortnite challenges come out in my timezone?

  • 7 am Thursday, Pacific Time (PST)
  • 10 am Thursday, Eastern Time (EST)
  • 2 pm Thursday, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • 3 pm Thursday, British Summer Time (BST)
  • 4 pm Thursday, Central European Summer Time (CEST)
  • 5 pm Thursday, Eastern European Summer Time (EEST)

Originally, Fortnite Battle Royale challenges changed over on Tuesdays, before Epic elected to switch to Thursdays. Thursday has been the norm for quite a while now, though it’s possible that the date may change again in the future.

Completing weekly challenges in Fortnite can bring its own rewards, but most notably will help with leveling up your Battle Pass for the current Season of content. The coolest Fortnite cosmetics are generally locked away behind the highest tiers of a Battle Pass, so it always pays to stay on top of the game’s rotating weekly challenges.

Now that you know what time Fortnite challenges come out, doing that will be easier than ever. Whether you just keep Thursday in the back of your mind or go the extra mile by marking your calendar and/or setting a recurring alarm, now you can be sure never to leave yourself short on time.

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