What is Facebook Katana?

What is Facebook Katana? If you’ve uncovered files on your smartphone relating to Facebook Katana, you’re probably asking that very question. In this guide, we’ll cover whether com.facebook.katana is anything to worry about and why it’s on your device.

What is Facebook Katana? | Why is com.facebook.katana on my phone?

What is Facebook Katana?

Finding com.facebook.katana on your iOS or Android device is entirely normal. Although it might initially seem concerning, “Katana” is simply the system-level codename for the Facebook mobile app. In a similar fashion, “Orca” is the system-level codename for the Facebook Messenger mobile application. Both are official Facebook terms and the related files are in no way malicious.

If you’re looking to get rid of the Facebook Katana files regardless, you’ll need to uninstall the FB application from your handset. In the case that your phone came with Facebook pre-installed, you may only be able to disable it rather than remove it completely.

Other social media apps (and all applications in general) will also have development codenames, though most remain hidden from view. As a result, users simply never hear about them. Just to reiterate, there’s no cause for concern that you got to peek behind the curtain on this occasion by discovering the FB Katana details on your mobile phone.

What is Facebook Katana?

  • Facebook Katana is the system-level codename for the Facebook mobile application.
  • Discovering com.facebook.katana on your iOS or Android device isn’t any cause for concern — it should be there if you have the FB app installed.
  • Similarly, Facebook Orca is used in reference to the FB Messenger smartphone app.
  • Other applications have development codenames as well, though users don’t commonly see them.

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