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Is Superhot: Mind Control Delete free?

Is Superhot: Mind Control Delete free? It is worth asking since there are some mixed signals out there, depending on where you’re reading from. The answer is a little complicated as it is contingent on the platform and your ownership of the original game. Also if you want to figure out if the game is in VR, you can check out our guide here.

Is Superhot: Mind Control Delete free?

Superhot: Mind Control Delete is free for players that have purchased the original Superhot on PS4, PC, or Xbox One before July 16, 2020 by 6 PM CEST. This applies to all of the PC platforms, too. But there are some caveats, depending on where you got the game.

If you got the game through a Humble code, on Steam, or on GOG, you should automatically have Mind Control Delete on your profile. If you bought the game on the Epic Store, you should also be good. However, if you redeemed it for free on the Epic Store through the store promotions, you will not get the game expansion for free. You will get a “special, deep loyalty launch discount, though.” That’s something.

Origin owners will have to send in their receipt to [email protected] You can’t do this if you activated the game through the EA Access subscription.

If you bought the game on, you will have to email your receipt to [email protected] You’ll get a DRM code this way.

Consoles aren’t as complicated. PS4 owners of Superhot will get MCD “within a few days after the release” on July 16. Xbox One owners will get a message within seven days of July 16. But if you got the game for free on Games With Gold, you will not get MCD for free.

That just leaves the Nintendo Switch but that platform has the saddest news of them all. Switch owners will not get Mind Control Delete at all since Superhot Team is not making the expansion for that platform.

“We’re not releasing or announcing MCD for Switch right now. We’ll let everyone know if this changes.”

But if you want a code for MCD, you can send an email to [email protected] and they’ll send you a DRM-free PC code. That’s something but not a portable something.