Box art - Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Is Superhot: Mind Control Delete VR?

Is Superhot: Mind Control Delete VR? This is a valid question since Superhot VR is one of the platform’s best games as it perfectly uses the limits of the medium to exercise the Superhot game mechanics. So can you play Superhot: Mind Control Delete in VR or are you stuck on the flat screen? If you want to know how to get the game for free, check out our guide on that here.

Is Superhot: Mind Control Delete VR?

Superhot: Mind Control Delete is not a VR game so you can’t play it in virtual reality. This is not a VR-compatible game in the end. Superhot VR obviously was but it was created from the ground up for the platform. Superhot Team even specifically stated it was the “new non-VR game” because it knew people would be confused.

But that does not mean that all hope is lost. Speaking to the Vive Blog, PR Manager Szymon Krukowski stated that the team wasn’t making a VR version of Superhot: Mind Control Delete in 2018 when the interview took place. However, he didn’t crush the possibility of it coming in the future.

“Honestly for now we are focusing on Mind Control Delete but at the same time we never really left VR,” he said. “If there is enough interest in MCD we might try recreating something similar for VR.”

That is not an outright denial, but that was two years before the team gave a more harsh statement on its blog that painted a VR version of Superhot: Mind Control Delete in a more dire light.

“We don’t have any plans at the moment to re-create the MCD experience for VR. It’s important to remember that VR is not only a different platform – it’s an entirely different way of interacting with games and it comes with its own design and hardware challenges. SUPERHOT VR was created from scratch as an entirely separate game to emulate the SUPERHOT experience in VR, and it was a BIG undertaking. We aren’t starting any BIG undertakings right now. Should this change, we’ll let you guys know.”

While the studio didn’t outright deny the possibility and left a little room for hope at the end, it looks unlikely that MCD will make its way to VR.