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Ghost of Tsushima Flute | Does playing the shakuhachi do anything?

While playing Ghost of Tsushima it’s possible to have the protagonist, Jin Sakai, put his adventure on hold and play the flute. Other than being a fun novelty, is there any purpose to the Ghost of Tsushima flute? Stick around to find out whether the ancient woodwind instrument known as a shakuhachi can be used to your advantage during gameplay.

Ghost of Tsushima Flute | Does playing the flute do anything?

Ghost of Tsushima Flute

Put simply, playing the shakuhachi flute in Ghost of Tsushima has no gameplay purpose up until you unlock other songs through collecting crickets. While the flute can’t be used to distract enemies or anything like that, unlockable songs can affect the weather. Until you unlock songs, however, it doesn’t do anything but add to the game’s ambiance.

In order to play the flute, you’ll need to swipe left on the DualShock 4’s touchpad. While there’s no greater purpose to doing so, watching and listening to Jin play can make for a pleasant break from the action. If you’re into virtual photography, it also allows you to capture some interesting snaps using the Ghost of Tsushima photo mode.

Including a flute in Sony‘s latest PS4 exclusive is almost certain to spawn a few internet memes, too. The E3 2018 Ghost of Tsushima gameplay reveal was preceded by a live shakuhachi flute performance to set the appropriate mood. The lengthy flute solo, performed by Cornelius Boots, instantly went down in E3 infamy. Whether you loved it or hated it, attempting to recreate the moment in-game could be fun for everyone.

Ghost of Tsushima is developer Sucker Punch‘s first game since 2014. The Washington-based studio released both Infamous Second Son and standalone expansion Infamous First Light during the PlayStation 4’s infancy; now, Ghost of Tsushima will be one of the platform’s final exclusives. (No, the game isn’t available on PC or Xbox One.)

Ghost of Tsushima Flute | Does playing the shakuhachi do anything?

  • No, playing the shakuhachi flute is just for fun.
  • The flute doesn’t distract enemies or serve any greater gameplay purpose.
  • It can help to immerse you in Ghost of Tsushima’s world.
  • You can use it (swipe left on the touchpad) to create fun photo mode screenshots.