E3 2018: Ghost of Tsushima Trailer Shows Sucker Punch is Still a Flagship Studio

After the Sly Cooper and Infamous series went underground we haven’t heard much from Sucker Punch, but the trailer for Ghost of Tsushima trailer at tonight’s Sony E3 2018 presser show the studio has been far from idle.

The conference started with a playing of the shakuhachi, an instrument that is period correct for the 1200s, which is when Ghost of Tsushima takes place. This game is in the period of Japanese history in which the feudal lords of the land, the Samurai, are mustering to repel a giant invasion force of Mongols.

You’ll take the role of a Ronin who seeks to repel the Mongols and protect the people of Japan. The combat is reminiscent of Bushido Blade from what we’ve seen in the trailer, with one precise blow ending an enemy (or your) life instead of flurries of combos. As such, stealth and poise are the name of the game here. You’re not a one-man army but instead are a skilled, but very vulnerable combatant.

During the trailer, we can see some of the time-slowing skills that make fighting multiple combatants possible. Fighting seems very time-based, and your warrior’s katana is absolutely devastating when it strikes a target.

One-on-one duels against powerful opponents are also a feature of Ghost of Tsushima. The game seems to switch to more of a fighting mode camera when this happens which REALLY makes it seem like Bushido Blade.

No release date has been announced, but we do know Ghost of Tsushima is a PS4 exclusive.